The ALL NEW what did you dream last night thread!

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Re: The ALL NEW what did you dream last night thread!

Postby jrmy » Tue Jul 23, 2019 9:43 am

Dreamt last night that I had been asked to do a demo video for an experimental new Earthquaker pedal with the actress who plays Robin on Stranger Things S3 (from Scoops Ahoy, of course) (also I'm not done with the season so no spoilers, I'm slow). But Jamie from EQD wanted us to use their private island for the video... which SOUNDED cool, but the only way there was a rowboat, and it rained the whole way. And when we got there, the island turned out to be about 20 square feet of sand with a collapsed tent in the middle, and a spent battery that was supposed to power the lights. We tried to jerry rig things back together, but freaked out when we realized the pedal was out of its box and getting wet, so we threw everything back in the boat, wrapped the pedal in my rain jacket and started paddling for land.

And of course that's when I woke up and realized the dog had stolen my blanket.
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Re: The ALL NEW what did you dream last night thread!

Postby jrfox92 » Mon Apr 20, 2020 12:45 pm

Had an interesting, vivid dream.

I was in a grocery store in the frozen section which was like, barely lit. It was as if that section of the store had all the lights on but there was still light coming in as if there was sunlight from the middle of the day. I just remember that the whole scene felt really strange and uneasy.
Eventually I end up at the cash register putting stuff in to be scanned, and I'm really tired just struggling to keep my eyes open. But at some point the cashier abruptly stops checking items even though there's still more there. I just look at them a little confused and say, "you, uh, didn't scan everything". They respond, "yes I did". "But, I can see the rest of my groceries right in front of me." The cashier storms away, pissed off. I'm still standing there, struggling to stay awake and confused as fuck about what is going on, and starting to get pissed off at the weird situation.
At some point the manager of the store walks up and takes me to a different part of the store and says, "so I hear you've been having some issues". "No, I just want to get my groceries, pay, and leave." "Well, I hear that you questioned the integrity of my worker." "All I did was ask them to finish scanning my items." "Right, that's questioning their honesty, I'm gonna need you to go back and tell them you trust them to be honest." "If he's gonna lie to my face I'm not fuckin' doing that, I'm tired and barely awake, all I want is my fuckin' groceries so I can leave." "If you don't say it you can't have your groceries." "Fine, fuck you, I'll go somewhere like...", "Wal-Mart?", "Fuck you, fuck your cashier, what the fuck is even wrong with this place".
Then I wake up and realize that I was in the middle of a dream. Apparently my angry personality is so strong it even affects my dreams to the point that I don't realize they're a dream. Also, my hatred of Wal-Mart is so strong even demon managers of dream grocery stores know I hate that place.
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