how 2 git gud at bass?

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Re: how 2 git gud at bass?

Postby dubkitty » Sat Jul 31, 2021 9:09 am

all this is true. sometimes all you need to do is hit one note and let it hang for awhile. you can literally hold one long note (preferably a loud one) for 2 bars or more which can create tension similar to when the bass disappears at the climax of a EDM track--everybody put your hands in the air!--and then the rhythm comes pounding back in. and modes really help with note choice on bass. the whole notion of "walking bass" is essentially placing different notes of the mode around the root, third, and fifth, and that concept can be applied to the weirder modes as well.
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Re: how 2 git gud at bass?

Postby retinal orbita » Mon Aug 02, 2021 6:25 pm

Great thread - been trying to get better for when I can join a band again. I play a 6 and I’m definitely not great but I can hold my own in most “jams” except when it’s way too technical- I have zero interest in playing that stuff regardless. But I’m trying to find some way to take my playing to the next level. So I’m following along rather than trying to add my own opinions too much. However….

I would say a lot of tips here are great but one though I will suggest is to get a basic EQ pedal - it will really help you “pop” out of the mix and tweak your sound so you’re not struggling to not get lost even if you’re just looping spacey shit in your room. Also very helpful if you want to work with your playing style and not getting “lost”.

goroth wrote:Get Alex Webster’s book.
Ignore that he tunes to BEAD and it’s for extreme metal. Dude is a finger style legend and the book is easy to follow.

Didn’t know this existed - will look into it!!

cosmicevan wrote:A really inspirational player is Janek gwizdala. Check out his YouTube stuff, especially his solo work w a looper.

He is great. I really like the clips I’ve watched of him.
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Re: how 2 git gud at bass?

Postby MechaGodzilla » Mon Aug 02, 2021 6:45 pm

if i were to add pedals to my otherwise * s p i r i t - c l e a n s i n g l y * minimal bass style... man, i'd rather just pick up my guitar instead.

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Re: how 2 git gud at bass?

Postby sutarappa » Tue Aug 24, 2021 8:36 pm

Gud words.

I learned chords on acoustic guitar, then later switched to bass because them geetar strings are goddamn small.
I continued exploring bass guitar because I occasionally created sounds I liked. Learned first with a pick, then expanded on finger style.
I had a few lessons in piano, voice, goddamn clarinet n such as a kid. Could even read music once upon a time, but that didn't hold my interest.
I create by ear. Technique is informed by having a place I want to go - a sound I want. That and researching just like this thread.

Only advice is put any fear aside, put hands on the bass, and try to be mindful.

qersty wrote:
goroth wrote:And this is why you won't ever be Peter Steele

muff>chorus is da wae

Ha! Perhaps DS-1 into CH-1? :joy:

Type O Negative is unique sounds and big influence. Recent explorations have had me trying a few choruses after distortion/fuzz. Lately, the built in chorus on a Peavey Mark VI has been turning me on...

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