Some Changes Round These Here Parts/Feedback Wanted.

Re: Some Changes Round These Here Parts/Feedback Wanted.

Postby Scruffie » Wed Sep 16, 2020 3:07 pm

dubkitty wrote:honestly, any of these would be interesting. i've never heard a PWM fuzz that really worked for me, so that's right up there. and my phaser just died, so that's way up the list. (i'm rather bummed that i missed the Vixen.) and the input filter thingy on the ring mod could get it a spot in the toybox next to the Randy's Revenge, which is high praise indeed from me.

The Vixen is gone but not forgotten ;)

Yeah, most of the PWM fuzzes seem to be based on an old Escobedo design that only works on a limited range and definitely kills the dynamics. I worked from scratch on a tracking type design here, I hope people will like it, it's definitely what I'm most excited about.

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