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Postby Jwar » Wed Jun 27, 2018 8:39 pm

Hey guys. Wonder if you'll see that title and click here.

Here's the deal. I want to test out some new ideas on etching. I will offer 10 free etches to 10 different people. That includes rehouses if you provide a case. No mods!! LED I can change but I don't want to do mods in general. If your jacks need to move and it's easy, I can do that too. In exchange for me doing this, I would like for the people I choose to allow me complete artist freedom. You can tell me the kind of stuff you're into, so I can do something you'd at least like but that is the ONLY say you will get in the design process.

Don't worry, I do good work.

I have pedals of my own, but I thought it may be cool if I did this instead.

SO, if you're interested in getting something cool as fuck for free, I'd suggest PM'ing me.

Shipping is on you folks both ways. I will be making zero dollars here.

I will be doing one, finishing, documenting, and then the next will be done. So, you do not need to ship until I'm done.

Please send me things you can live without for at least a month. Things don't take that long but they can when you're trying to develop something different.

Any questions, post away!

People in line-

1. Goroth
"I do not have the ability to think rationally 90% of the time and I also change my mind at the drop of a hat".

-JWAR :)

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Re: FREE ETCHINGS-Info inside

Postby Jero » Wed Jun 27, 2018 10:16 pm


I make noise toys under Stomping Stones

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