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Re: I would like a portable recorder please

Fri Aug 06, 2021 11:03 am

I ended up borrowing my friend's Tascam DR44WL, which is pretty decent! The onboard mics have that sharp, brittle high end I'm used to with cheap, small capsule condensers, so I might end up upgrading to the Zoom H4N. Would be nice to adjust the angle of the mics, and handy to be able to use it as an interface in a pinch. I haven't used the Tascam's WiFi controller app, but I'd also imagine the Zoom's regular remote control would be more reliable.

rfurtkamp wrote:Zoom R8, external mics. Runs on AAs if wanted.

I used one for Mojave recording sessions recently, very very happy.

I have an R16 actually! Awesome recorder, I've done a ton of tracking with it and it was my main interface until recently (the analog outputs got noisy and weird over the years). Amazing for guerrilla drum kit recordings. I couldn't fit it in my guitar case though, sadly. :cry:
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