Recording nerds, tell me how to nail this guitar sound, pls!

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Recording nerds, tell me how to nail this guitar sound, pls!

Postby VREEEEVROOOOOW » Tue May 09, 2023 2:51 pm

So, I'm wondering what tips you guys might have for me for just completely ripping off Don Peris's guitar tone, especially in terms of microphone types, placement, and blend; but am also wondering about eq, compresison, reverb, double tracking, anything really. Basically, I want a break from endlessly (and sometimes almost aimlessly) fiddling with knobs, and get some more concrete tips—or at least just nerd about how great Don Peris is!

A fair bit of it is of course just his style of playing and his guitar and amp, as it's a pretty clean tone. He mostly uses a Gretsch hollowbody (changes between an Electromatic and a 6120) into a Fender Princeton (probably hence the reverb and vibrato). I'm playing a Gretsch semi-hollow with TV Jones Classics into a Princeton sim through Amplitube 5, which can sim quite a fair bit of different microphones and rooms, etc.

Here's an example of that absolutely gorgeous tone of his:

Here it is in his band:

A subtle one with some lush tremolo picking:

And here's a more upbeat example with some FX going on:

(My gosh, that last one is such a good song, isn't it! One of my all-time favourites.)

Any tips would be very welcome. I'm particularly a noob when it comes to microphone stuff. Playing noise punk or black metal, and only ever affording the omnipresent SM57/58, it hasn't really mattered that much in my recordings until now…

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