New laptop, who dis? (home recording)

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New laptop, who dis? (home recording)

Postby Dowi » Mon Jan 09, 2023 7:44 am

Hey fam,
my old laptop has been on a death ride for a while now so, when the time comes, i want to buy something decent for home recording.

I have read my fair share of spec lists and must-haves on the webz, but I am looking for real and practical advice from you experienced ILF techs & home-recording people.
I don't need much, just something that works without losing my mind with latency, and capable of running a couple simple plugins without overloading the system etc etc the usual stuff.

I use Ableton as DAW, on a laptop with Windows (don't even try to talk me into buying a MAC, not even a big mac fwiw :) ).
Right now i use a focusrite 2i2 audio interface but i want to upgrade it along the way, so that's not a relevent aspect.

That's it, thanks!
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