Distributing poweramp load with 100w speakers with 250w amp

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Distributing poweramp load with 100w speakers with 250w amp

Postby Nickerz » Sat Aug 21, 2021 6:19 pm

So I'm aware of the "safe" rules of cabinet rating twice to 1:1. I get that. For people who have slightly bigger balls and smaller brains, I'm wondering how far I can push this cabinet. This is theoretical since the setup I have is.... way... way... more complex that this, that has 3 amps, 4 channels, 4 cabinets and cablinks\crazy wiring. So I'm trying to simplify this question.

If I have a Mesa Strategy 500, with 250w tube power per side and put it into a stereo 4x12, rated for 400w (200w per side), can I run this thing at 1/2 oclock and have the cabinet survive?

Mesa Channel 1 250w -- > Cabinet L w/ 2 100w speakers
Mesa Channel 2 250w -- > Cabinet R w/ 2 100w speakers

Both channels running at about 60% with the preamp coming in about noon into the poweramp.

I haven't found a device to measure this that isn't some expensive scientific type thing.

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Re: Distributing poweramp load with 100w speakers with 250w

Postby qersty » Sat Oct 16, 2021 10:04 am

yeah it will probably be fine unless you push it too hard
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