EHX holy grail trouble shooting

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EHX holy grail trouble shooting

Postby the_bright_undead » Wed Jun 16, 2021 7:17 pm

I’m trying to get a big-box EHX Holy Grail reissue up and running. The pedal came into my hands not working, with a loose knob/pot and some electrical tape on the inside holding the PCB in place.

Any advice troubleshooting the following?
- Pedal does not pass any signal when disengaged
- Pedal powers up when turned on (LED lights up)
- I get a very faint dry signal when engaged, and a slightly louder wet signal when I turn up the reverb, but it’s super faint. It’s enough to hear that the effected signal is present, but that’s about it. I can faintly make out the differences between spring/hall/flerb. Seems like at least some signal is making its way to the circuit board.
- I’m using the correct EHX 500m/a 1/8” power supply
- A quick look at the PCB and the jacks didn’t reveal any obvious problems
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