Where Is My Dry Signal in Sea Machine v3?

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Where Is My Dry Signal in Sea Machine v3?

Postby Phuzzy856 » Thu Sep 24, 2020 3:28 pm

Hello everyone! (first EQD post)

Love Sea Machine v3, let me just get that out of the way so I can really get to the bottom of my issue, lol! First, I'd rather not go to the wording of the manual, but rather here "other" ways of explaining what's happening,... please, ... thanks... I've asked this question before and not gotten past the manual explanation from anyone. Second, this is what I understand:

Rate = Speed (obvious)
Shape = WAVE Shape = not increase/decrease, but earlier/later (does NOT effect Wet/Dry relationship?)
Dimension = Feedback

Animate = ?? = obvious introduction of a Vibrato effect??, no effect on Wet/Dry.

Intensity = Volume/Blend of Animate+Dimension... nothing more, nothing less. I CANNOT TELL if there is ANY effect on Wet/Dry as Intensity reaches '0' zero. If there is, I'm not hearing it. I DO hear the introduction of the famous @30ms 'Slapback' echo-effect at @3-4.

Depth = this is NOT a typical Depth knob imo. Even at '10' ten, without the help of the Intensity knob, Depth+Rate (assume Shape is at '0' zero, Rate slowish) on the SeaMachine is as mild and transparent as anything I've ever heard.

And here is where I ask/assume/suppose is my Dry Signal IN the Depth knob, like in an 80s Chorus, like the Blend is set internally at what probably sounds like 50/50??

I misunderstood for the longest time WHERE my Dry Signal was when it was IN the SM3, and when it came OUT of the SM3,... lol,... now I'm just confused.

I'm getting ready to hook up a Dry Blend box up to see what that yields. I've turned into a Dry Blend fanatic lately, and SM3 is the most enigmatic pedal that way, and, unless, perhaps, someone could really really tell me in % and milliseconds (like, even, what is the Wave Sweep of the Shape knob? Is it 100ms, like in an old BOSS, or is it more tailored?) what's going on. What is the max Delay in ms?

I'm sorry, it's just that SM3 is such a 'Moogy' scientific type thing, and a Super Spec Sheet would be amazing for me in order to really get IN to relationships between all the knobs.

I mean, is anyone going to say SM3 is NOT a daunting project?

Without an external Blend knob, it seems to refuse to want to act anything like a Chorus (I DID find one setting that did actually, I'm just being a gearhead, lol)... it WANTS to be a 'Sea Machine'... it seems to have a purposeful surfy, empty pool, aquatic, undersea journey sound that CAN'T be dialed out, so I have to use it as a CrazyPedal instead of "Chorus pedal".

Thanks to anyone who got to the end of this post, lol. ANY help would be appreciated, thanks :)*

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Re: Where Is My Dry Signal in Sea Machine v3?

Postby goroth » Fri Sep 25, 2020 7:13 am

I'm guessing that the dry level is fixed. Intensity controls the level of the wet signal, with unity at 12 oclock. SO the mix is fixed at something (50/50?) but you can futz with the level of the wet signal. Animate and depth seem to relate to the amount of change in the delay line - more of both will give a greater time difference and therefore more pitch difference.
Shape is the shape of the LFO modulating the change in time on the delay - i.e. shape modifies how the pitch changes.

I don't own one of these but based on the descriptions on their website, I wouldn't bother with intensity below 12 oclock. Intensity on 0 should be roughly 100% dry if I understand correctly. But note: you aren't affecting the wet dry mix, just the level of the wet signal.

Greater pitch swings will sound less like chorus and more like vibrato - coupled with higher intensity you'll be hearing relatively less of the dry signal, so it'll seem even more like vibrato.

Dimension seems like a pre-delay control for the wet.
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Re: Where Is My Dry Signal in Sea Machine v3?

Postby qersty » Sun Oct 04, 2020 6:07 am

Intensity is the effect level control. It does not go from dry to wet but goes from no chorus to the dry signal being louder than the wet. No full wet setting (few vibrato pedals do this actually, they leave some dry in always). "Depth" and "animate" both contol depth, idk the difference
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