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The DIY forum is for personal projects (things that are not for sale, not in production), info sharing, peer to peer assistance. No backdoor spamming (DIY posts that are actually advertisements for your business). No clones of in-production pedals. If you have concerns or questions, feel free to PM admin. Thanks so much!
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Re: DIY links, gear recommendations

Wed Nov 25, 2020 3:00 pm

Banzai is good but strangely I had so many problems with orders. Like wrong numbers of items, wrong items, they forgot to send the package...

Re: DIY links, gear recommendations

Sun Feb 13, 2022 7:11 am

Dowi wrote:Quick question from EU-fellas: parts resources with decent prices?
Need to place a decent order of common parts (resistors, caps, diodes and transistors) so i don't have to leave every build halfway because of lack of components.
i have started to mess around months ago with some basic circuits, but now i'm stucked 'cause most of the stuff i ordered from Aliexpress (supercheap basic stuff) has been lost or is still in transit :idea:


I get my stuff mostly from Musikding.de or sometimes from Banzai Music, both are based in Germany.

Musikding has lower prices, but Banzai has definitely a bigger selection of parts, but normally MD has all I need.
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