Gasalcoholics anonymous? whoever said this was a help group?

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Re: Gasalcoholics anonymous? whoever said this was a help gr

Postby Gone Fission » Mon Jan 23, 2023 10:36 am

Pepe wrote:
Gone Fission wrote:Is the Clean Rat mode just a diode lift?

Looks like just that. Sounded good so far, but I only had the chance to hear a little bit of it through headphones.

Gone Fission wrote:Wish I had picked up an R2DU before they got silly expensive. It’s kind of silly to use up a full rack space on so little, but very cool. Two Rats seems totally legit.

I read somewhere that the Deucetone has its origins in the 19'' unit. It's neat that the two footswitches are quite close together so you can easily switch one channel off and activate the other one without any problem. It will do a great job on stage, I'm sure.

Yeah, poking around I saw that the Deucetone was crammed into the housing that the R2DU used for the footswitch, which seems much more space efficient than both pedal and rack if you’re gonna use the floor unit. If the core bypass is the same as a Rat 2 of the era, you could have remote switching of a R2DU from whatever brain of the day (CAE, GCX, Rocktron) without wasting a bypass loop or two and putting aside the dedicated switch (explaining why more than a few are missing), so I could see the lingering appeal in a heavily automated rig.
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Re: Gasalcoholics anonymous? whoever said this was a help gr

Postby Blackened Soul » Wed Jan 25, 2023 12:08 am

Put in a pre order for a Schecter dUg Pinnick DP-12, the next run is suppose to be in April/May, 12s have always been far and few between but the prices on used ones are getting silly and I don’t want a dean.
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