141G alternatives: BSRI and Earthbound?

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Re: 141G alternatives: BSRI and Earthbound?

Postby Christophe » Sat May 14, 2022 4:21 am

Just got my BSRI tfz fuzz. I’ve only spent an hour with it but I don’t think it’s my jam... I’m not liking the core tone of the pedal. I’ll give it more time cuz all the controls are highly interactive, and very precise. The pedal feels totally rig dependent. More than usual I mean.
Concerning my op, the tfz shares something with the 141g: it’s definitely a « modern fuzz », not your usual 60s flavored dirt box. It’s a lot more tweakable, but the tone is really different. The square wave from the Infanem is really fatter. Probably why it oscillates in a different way too.
The tfz has something of a hi-fi sound to my ears. You can build a massive wall of sound, but in a way, you’re always aware of all the ingredients, it’s not overwhelming you with some secret fuzz recipe. Sorry it’s hard to describe. It’s a great piece of gear nonetheless, but maybe not what I’m looking for... I’ll give it more time.
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