WTB: Hexe Vario latching controller

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WTB: Hexe Vario latching controller

Postby Seance » Wed Mar 24, 2021 3:24 pm

I was on the waiting list for a Hexe Revolver DX for donkey's months.
Finally a Revolver DX came up on ILF and I was able to get it from a
friendly ILFer JWAR in May 2019. At that time I contacted
Piotr about switching my waiting list to the Vario. Since May 2019 there
has been nothing. I contacted Piotr again early in 2020 and apparently
The PandaCoronaPocalypse has seemingly paralyzed progress on that
waiting list down to slower than molasses trapped in the icy heart of
a nitrogen glacier on Pluto.

SO.... does anybody have a Hexe Vario latching controller that
they don't want or need or use anymore?

I am seeking one. I want to buy one. So please let me know if you
have one and don't want it so that we can arrive at a mutually beneficial


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