FS EU/UK: JCM800 2203 100W Halfstack

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FS EU/UK: JCM800 2203 100W Halfstack

Postby breakdown » Sun Feb 21, 2021 5:33 pm

Hi guys! :hello:

I am reluctantly selling my JCM800 2203 100W halfstack. :cry:
I've been travelling alot, it's been stored away for years and I don't see myself getting it back in any foreseeable future.
It is currently located in Argenteuil just outside of Paris. I don't have any flightcases so collection only.
If there are any French ilfers who are interested or any EU/UK ilfers who feel like travelling a bit to come and pick it up, HMU.
It has a few scuffs and tears in the tolex, but a part from that it is in pretty good condition and works great!
All stock, no mods, no fx loop, one channel. I haven't changed the speakers so I assume they are also stock.

JCM 800 2203 100W
Serial No. 15296P

1960A 4x12" Lead Cabinet
260W RMS / 16 Ohms
Serial No. 13678

I have put it up on Reverb for £1900 / 2200€.
£1700/1960€ for ILF, open to reasonable offers.





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Re: FS EU/UK: JCM800 2203 100W Halfstack

Postby sanfordandsonny » Sun Feb 21, 2021 9:25 pm

:cry: :picard: :cry:

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