FS: Reverse Tux MIJ Aerodyne Jazz Bass w/case and strap

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FS: Reverse Tux MIJ Aerodyne Jazz Bass w/case and strap

Postby boneslygrifter » Mon Aug 12, 2019 6:39 pm


Pics in the link above, I'm out and about and don't have time to edit them to upload them here.

Took a big paycut at work this month so I need to pay some expenses off sooner than I planned. Shame to sell this but I've got other ones i can play.

Condition: Excellent. Some light scratches on the pickguard from being played, but no noticeable dings that I can find. This sits in the case in my closet except like twice a month when it gets played.

This was made in Japan about 10 years back or so and someone imported it to the US (these can go for $1000+ to import). Its a nice vintage white color, with black binding. Aerodynes weigh less than a regular jazz bass; this one clocks in at around 8.75 pounds. Extremely fast action and a nice neck. This one has roto tapewound strings on it. No electrical problems or any other issues that I've noticed.

Comes with the hard case and a Couch 3" guitar strap. Looking for $850 shipped. Might consider trades for guitar pedals.
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