FS: D*A*M Sonic Titan & Vintage Electro-harmonix Muff Fuzz

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FS: D*A*M Sonic Titan & Vintage Electro-harmonix Muff Fuzz

Postby drunkenguitarist » Sun Apr 14, 2019 7:17 pm

First up is a "Dark" tuned version of the mighty D*A*M Sonic Titan in a tasty starlight blue finish. Comes with original box, canvas bag, and papers.

This isn't like your regular Titan. It is heavier and has a significant amount of gain. You won't get much clean sounds when you roll back the volume on your guitar. Perfect for big hard rock / heavy metal tones.

Velcro has been attached to the back plate.

Asking $285.00 shipped anywhere in the States. A bit more for folks overseas.


Up next is a very nice example of a electro-harmonix muff fuzz from the 70s.

These may be tiny in size, but they pack a wallop in tone.

Has some small cosmetic scuffs and scratches as expected from a used vintage unit. 100% fully functional.

Asking $100.00 shipped.


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