WTB ARC effects crimson king or Buzzaround clone

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WTB ARC effects crimson king or Buzzaround clone

Postby xrleroyx » Mon Feb 11, 2019 6:37 pm

The crimson king is sold out and I really want either that pedal or a similar one. PM me with details.

Must be daisy chainable.
Olin wrote:
$harkToootth wrote:This Corgan guy sounds like a real soy boy to me...

Someone please send this to Billy every day until all his pent-up rage erupts, his head turns to actual chrome and he engages his final form: Ultimo-Corgon, where he finally starts to hate fuck every skyscraper in Japan demanding an explanation, weeping tears of mercury down on the innocent bystanders below while proclaiming to be the greatest musician of all time, including the future.

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