Couple'a'things - Euro, Pedals, Bass Head

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Couple'a'things - Euro, Pedals, Bass Head

Postby Ghost Hip » Mon Oct 15, 2018 3:17 pm

Hey! :hello: Prices are shipped within the US. PM with any offers or questions. Paypal friends and fam appreciated but not required. Can do Venmo/ as well if you prefer.

I'm an idiot and forgot to list trade ideas: Moog Ring Mod, the big daddy one. Vocal mic, Shure SM7B?, or other dynamic/condenser, just seeing whats out there. A phaser of some sort, my Ibanez PM7 is too noisy live.

Make Noise Rene v1 - $250 paypal/shipped. May have the box for this, I'll have to look. Sorry for the half ass pic on this one.
Make Noise Mysteron - $225 paypal/shipped? Still on the fence on this, more open to trades.
Mutable Instruments DIY Peaks - $110 paypal/shipped. Dead Man's Catch firmware. Lovely swiss army knife, have two of them, don't need both.
Earthbound Audio Centurion 2018 - $115 paypal/shipped. Basically brand new, played once. Gold vibes. Ripping fuzz face. Box included.
Tech 21 Programable Bass Driver - $130 paypal/shipped. Save three presets. This was great on tour never having to worry about my preamp settings. Combines well with a TAFM for huge toans. Box included
Ampeg Portaflex PF-500 Head - $250 paypal/shipped. No pics yet but in good condition. Works 100%. Definitely has marks of being on tour. Served me well for 3 years. :) Just not playing bass in a band currently.


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