FS/FT: Crayon.Contraband.WetDreams.Flashback2.CS-5.

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FS/FT: Crayon.Contraband.WetDreams.Flashback2.CS-5.

Postby ReadandBurn » Fri Apr 13, 2018 10:10 pm

clearing some stuff that i don't use (much). all prices shipped in CONUS.

JHS Crayon (w/box) $150
Walrus Contraband (w/box) $55
Deadbeat Wet Dreams chorus (w/ gargantuan box, pedal is actually tiny) $50
Flashback 2 w/box $120
Ibanez CS-5 chorus $50

i'd love to find:

Walrus Julia
OBNE Black Fountain v2
Strymon DIG
Land Devices HP-2
EQD Space Spirals

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