Caroline Shigeharu Fuzz

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Caroline Shigeharu Fuzz

Postby themeanreds » Sun Jul 16, 2017 12:37 pm

Earthbound Audio Throat Locust Distortion Pedal
Excellent condition, works perfectly
Earthbound's take on the classic Boss HM-2 Distortion, with additional controls for
Midrange and Midrange Frequency.
The usual Entombed/Godflesh/Swervedriver cliches apply, but the midrange control with adjustable frequency adds versatility.
$155/shipped SOLD

Caroline Shigeharu Fuzz Pedal
Excellent condition, works perfectly.
Designed in collaboration with Electronic Audio Experiments, the Shigeharu combines an IC Big Muff-based fuzz with midrange ("Body") control in parallel with an octave-up fuzz with its own level control. An internal switch which offers two options:
1. The left footswitch activates or bypasses the Big Muff fuzz and the octave-up fuzz simultaneously. In this mode, the momentary footswitch on the right operates as a kill-switch.
2. The left footswitch activates or bypasses the Big Muff fuzz only. When the Big Muff side is activated, the right-side momentary footswitch activates the octave-up fuzz when depressed.
The Muff side on its own is a fantastic example of IC Muff tone, capable of the usual Muff scooped miss or thick midrange presence. The searing octave in parallel is akin to adding a dose of Hendrix or Electric Wizard alongside the Dinosaur Jr. and Smashing Pumpkins tones.

Trades considered (+/- $ as reasonable):
Boss RV-500
TC Electronic Sub n' Up or Ditto (not interested in X2 or X4)
Black Arts Badascan or Pharaoh



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