FS: [US] TAFM, Pitch Pirate, Umiom, Percolator, Boneshaker

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FS: [US] TAFM, Pitch Pirate, Umiom, Percolator, Boneshaker

Postby PumpkinPieces » Sun May 21, 2017 8:12 pm

No trades, need cash! Gift appreciated but not required! Would like to stick to US for shipping.

Team Awesome Fuzz Machine SOLDDD - Just purchased Megamaeng's so I don't need this one anymore! This thing slays on bass, the gate is essential, and what else can I say? It's gazey on guitars and rad on drum machines as well.
Mid fi Pitch Pirate $140 paypal/shipped - Yeah you can get neat chorus and vibrato but why not send your signal on a wave of mangled cassette tape or have spacey bleep bloops orbiting your guitar?
The Syle UMIOM $110 paypal/shipped - no one seems to care much about this company. they make unique and original circuits. this thing crushes, and after this round if it does not sell I will be happy to keep it for myself.
Domvan Ford Harmonic Percolator Clone $60 paypal/shipped. - Has a tooth painted on it. Built by Denton gear legend Domvan, aka on ILF theavondon. This percolator clone is tweaked to respond well to your guitars volume knob. It's a fuzz drivin good time.
DOD Boneshaker $50 paypal/shipped - Very unique operating EQ, lots of stoner/doomy fuzzy distortion but can also make some weird filtered distortions as well.

Image2017-05-18 11.04.37 1
Image2017-05-18 11.04.40 1
Image2017-05-18 11.04.30 1
Image2017-05-18 11.04.45 1
Image2017-05-18 11.04.33 1

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Over it.

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