Stomp Under Foot Full-Powered Halo; Fuzzrocious M.O.T.H.

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Stomp Under Foot Full-Powered Halo; Fuzzrocious M.O.T.H.

Postby themeanreds » Thu Mar 14, 2019 2:36 pm

Stomp Under Foot Full-Powered Halo Overdrive/Distortion
Excellent condition, works perfectly
First in line is an excellent Tubescreamer-based overdrive (less mid-spike and more low end, to my ears, but still decidedly in the Tubescreamer camp to my ears)
Next is SUF's fantastic Halo Bender, which brings overdrive/distortion tones with a distinctly '70s/'80s Marshall JMP/single channel JCM flavor.
Both are awesome drives, but I've found that there is another pedal I would prefer
to be in-between the overdrive and distortion on my board.

Fuzzrocious MOTH
Excellent condition. Bought new; would be mint but for a few light scratches. Works perfectly.
Awesome gnarly fuzz with footswitchable oscillation/tremolo/drone crazies.

Nux Oceanic Reverb
Nobels ODR-1 Mini
Stomp Under Foot Halo Bender, Serenity
Providence Stampede DT
Dunlop Crybaby Mini Wah
Specular Reverb
Shift Line Astronaut Reverb V2
Electro-Harmonix Oceans 11
Hungry Robot The Wash V2 w/ Tap Tempo
Fuzzrocious Dark Driving
Arc Soothsayer
TV Jones Powertron Neck Pickup (Universal or English Mount)



Mr. Black Bloodmoon Blood & Chrome Reverb
Very good condition (some small scratches and scuffs), works perfectly
Deep space tones in Bloodmoon (like the Supermoon, but with a mix control that goes to 100%) and Supermoon Chrome flavors, with the added bonuses of a footswitchable preset and trails on bypass. Looking to go back to a combined reverb/delay.
$175/shipped TRADE PENDING

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