Grapple (Pro Wrestling appreciation thread)

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Re: Grapple (Pro Wrestling appreciation thread)

Postby odontophobia » Mon Jun 11, 2018 11:07 pm

ECW was so dope.

samzadgan wrote:
So here's something that takes my wrestling nerdness to a whole other level...does anyone know what Shootclub is??

Back in the 2000's there was a Wrestling simulation game online called set up characters etc, and there was obviously the automated role-playing side of things where you won and lost matches, and titles and gained experience points. But the real fun of it was the player part, every week you wrote a Promo for your character, and in that you would carry storylines with other players and there were weekly shows that a Manager of the league and team of writers would write up...and monthly shows and annual big events. I was lost in that thing till it shut down, which was such a shame.

anyway...if you were a shootclub member...holla!

Back in like 1998 I got introduced into eWrestling which sounds a lot like shoot club, but interspersed with Dungeons and Dragons a bit. You would cut promos, etc., and then people would actually write matches. There were people that would read and follow all these e-wrestlers and e-federations and shit. Was pretty dope but also hella nerdy. I was basically a total edge lord and was a huge lame.
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Re: Grapple (Pro Wrestling appreciation thread)

Postby Inconuucl » Mon Jun 11, 2018 11:28 pm

There's the table top RPG system based around wrestling that I really want to try. I just need more wrestling marks in my life that are not a pain to hang out with. :lol:
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