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Postby lordgalvar » Thu Oct 18, 2018 11:11 am

The Eristic wrote:Yeah, I find myself having a REALLY hard time getting through this season. I'm a little over halfway, but I can only handle a single episode per sitting vs binging it previously, and when an ep is over, I'm more relieved than interested in what actually happened. Combined with the dead serious tone and the filters cooling everything down, the even slower pacing has kinda pushed it over the line into comatose and has made it too much of a slog. I'm only watching still to see what happens with the Trade Minister, as he's the sole likable character in pretty much any sense, imo. :idk:

Agree, especially with bold. I do think opgruberwhatevwr dude from Knights Tale is doing a good job with what he is given...and I think some of the stuff with him is interesting...but some stuff, not so much...descent fleshing out for a bad guy I guess.

Less spoiler, more ramble.

NSFW: show
There ain't much to the book and I guess they gotta stretch the concept to make it a series (and make most of the changes they did...most I agree with overall. Newsreel is better for tv than books, etc). It makes for slow pacing because the series thus far has tacked on plots over a sparse central plot and played it pretty sequentially.

I think little stand alone episdoes featuring fringe characters that go toward the overall world building and personal discovery of that character in this world could have helped the pacing...kinda like an x-files monster of the week structure or flashback episodes (a concurrent timeline episode for the Japanese admiral would have been kind of neat or Smith backstory during the war...stuff like that that breaks up the slow moving plot). On the other hand, the walking dead completely sucks at this structure (not to say that they are any kind of series to emulate haha :lol: )

I haven't felt the need to re-read the book in near 20 years. Dick kinda got to the point too quick in it, then made a point to tell the reader explicity what he has already told them via the story...I get why it's slow paced even after fleshing it out.
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