The ALL NEW what did you dream last night thread!

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Re: The ALL NEW what did you dream last night thread!

Postby jrmy » Tue Jul 23, 2019 9:43 am

Dreamt last night that I had been asked to do a demo video for an experimental new Earthquaker pedal with the actress who plays Robin on Stranger Things S3 (from Scoops Ahoy, of course) (also I'm not done with the season so no spoilers, I'm slow). But Jamie from EQD wanted us to use their private island for the video... which SOUNDED cool, but the only way there was a rowboat, and it rained the whole way. And when we got there, the island turned out to be about 20 square feet of sand with a collapsed tent in the middle, and a spent battery that was supposed to power the lights. We tried to jerry rig things back together, but freaked out when we realized the pedal was out of its box and getting wet, so we threw everything back in the boat, wrapped the pedal in my rain jacket and started paddling for land.

And of course that's when I woke up and realized the dog had stolen my blanket.
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