New Invention - DC Protection Module

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New Invention - DC Protection Module

Postby spruce_moose » Mon Sep 24, 2018 3:47 am

Hey all. Thought I'd make a post here in case anyone was interested. I've made some panels of a protection circuit I designed from scratch after a few years of trying stuff out.. 10 or more PCB/schematic versions.. It might be the first of its kind.. if not, please let me know!

It's in the form of a tiny PCB that attaches to a DC jack and auto-disconnects when too much voltage is connected, or the wrong polarity.


Instantly with no heat, unlike a polyfuse.

Also with around 0.1 Ohms series resistance. The lowest I could get a PTC was 5ohms - interesting fact.. some datasheets state lower, but this is if the PTC is socketed. The reflow process causes an irreversible change..

Going to send the first ones out with a minimum quantity of 40pcs in a V-cut PCB panel @ 59usd shipped anywhere - more for tracking..

You can find a video and pictures of it here

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