No dedicated Raspberry Pi hacking thread?

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No dedicated Raspberry Pi hacking thread?

Postby Gone Fission » Thu May 18, 2017 7:21 am

I'm at the final dungeon on A Link to the Past on my Retro Pi RPI3, so starting to look at switching it over to USB MIDI hosting for a start.

Where to start on OS distros these days?

And any environment, code or software, that anyone wants to recommend for setting up MIDI CC translation to different CC numbers for different "scene" presets? (I should walk before running, but that's my endgame that I'll be walking towards.)
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Re: No dedicated Raspberry Pi hacking thread?

Postby Dr. Sherman Sticks M.D. » Thu May 18, 2017 10:39 am

i finally got mine hooked up w/ N64 recently, and even got a USB N64 controller. gunna try to play ocarina of time and majoras mask for the first time! excited. the n64 emulation is a bit finicky (took some sleuthing) tho…hoping its more the roms i DL'ed originally.

if u can use GUIs (i.e. desktop environment like X) qjackctl is great/easy for midi routing/patchbay.
then for the midi magic stuff, u could use pure data or python. both are pretty easy to use/learn if u are not a wizard.
there are prolly also many other environments u could use to do this.
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