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Postby crochambeau » Fri Dec 15, 2017 4:49 pm

wafl wrote:Yeah they're just converting the former police headquarters into a building that will actually serve the community. How hard can it be?!

Do you have visibility of the permit/GC side of the equation or is that layers of bureaucracy away from you? With older structures you can run into seismic issues, remediation (lead, asbestos, nastier shit), and code issues really fast, and that can put a strain on things. Depending on how on the ball the project manager/architect team this can be foreseen, or result in a quagmire of delays. This sounds like a public works project? That puts several more layers of complication on change orders and bidding which can fuck over contractors that are ill prepared for the scale of paperwork/visibility and then come across something they should have caught, and if one trade stumbles, it'll affect everyone else's schedule.

I spent like ten years involved in the commercial construction industry and it is mostly a wasteland of human endeavor. Here's hoping the project gets sorted quick (and that a drunk tank jail cell is being refit into a reverberation chamber).
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Re: The Whatever Thread... for Recording!

Postby wafl » Fri Dec 15, 2017 8:27 pm

Yeah I have no idea. My entire involvement is with a radio station that has a rental agreement for a studio, and I'm only involved to make the room an actually viable room for audio and then running it.

Also I said the exact same thing when they told me it was going to be in an old police station.

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