Too much doom , buzzing and vibrating 4x12

Too much doom , buzzing and vibrating 4x12

Postby limace » Fri Apr 13, 2018 1:43 am


I have the doomesque of issues, I built a 4x12 a year ago and until recently all was alright. But now there is a annoying buzz or rattling sound when I play cerrtain notes... and this especially occurs at high level of course.

I found out that the cab might be vibrating on certain freqs eventough I thought it it is a quite sturdy build (simple with glue and screws and side bracing)
Apparently adding extra bracing in the cab might help a bit to fix that.

Checked a bit online, but haven't found a convincing way to brace a 4x12 cab ...

I am also affraid that too much vibrations would damage the head lying on the cab...

Do any of you guys have any similar experience and/or bracing experiences ?

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Re: Too much doom , buzzing and vibrating 4x12

Postby HeavyXIII » Fri Apr 13, 2018 8:05 pm

The only experience I have is that my cab occasionally rattles sometimes too. Usually when I dial in too much bass. I haven't had the wherewithal to open the thing up and look, but I've always assumed it was a speaker that was not properly seated.

ShaolinLambKiller might be able to help you out, he builds cabs under the name Mauler Cabs. The page is on Facebook, but he is taking a hiatus from new orders so he can catch up.
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Re: Too much doom , buzzing and vibrating 4x12

Postby OldGeorge » Mon Apr 23, 2018 11:09 pm

Never had that myself, I usually just have to check my head every now and then with the emperor. I need to replace the feet in my head with rubber because it shifts with the hard buttons that are currently on there.

Do you know what notes or frequencies? Could be the dimensions of the cab and if that's the case sometimes just a little foam padding will do the trick

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Re: Too much doom , buzzing and vibrating 4x12

Postby misterstomach » Thu May 10, 2018 12:31 pm

What kinds of joints did you use? Is it just butt jointed with glue and screws? Wood glue is pretty strong and holds up under a lot of abuse, but a year of heavy vibration and, more importantly, temperature and humidity changes can definitely cause some separation at a simple butt joint. There can be a lot of expansion and contraction under those conditions. And in some cases the wood might shrink a tiny amount as it ages and dries, depending on the type and quality of plywood you used. Box joints (or dovetails if you want to be really fancy) provide a lot more stability. I would start with silicone on all the joints inside the cab and definitely get a center brace in there if you don't have one and that may fix your problem. Run your finger or some kind of spreader over the silicone so it'll hopefully work into any gaps a little.

Good luck.
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