Doom with melodic vocals?

Re: Doom with melodic vocals?

Postby BoatRich » Tue Jul 28, 2015 11:07 am not necessarily doom (more drone/shoegaze) but super melodic, often heavy, and made by one of my favorite people on the planet

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Re: Doom with melodic vocals?

Postby Iommic Pope » Tue Jul 28, 2015 8:15 pm

D.o.S. wrote:
Iommic Pope wrote:
D.o.S. wrote:I uh, can't get into Windhand. I tried. I will try again.

Given your penchant for Acid King, I'd suggest starting with this track:

It is probably as close to that sort of "thing" as they get.

OOOH. :!!!:

Reminds me more of The Wiz than AK, but what the fuck ever. this is righteous.

Yeah, apologies for the vaguery, I guess when I said "thing" I was just too lazy to try and articulate that sort of late 60s motorbike, cult of witches, ring of dropout highway killers vibe that those bands all encapsulate and have in common.
Soma is a great album, mostly because it is a bit more representative of that sort of sound.

I guess you picked up what I was putting down there, at any rate. :thumb:
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