Let's see your PEDAL BOARD... ILD Edition

Re: Let's see your PEDAL BOARD... ILD Edition

Postby Bassist_Diver » Sun Sep 16, 2018 9:02 pm

418a wrote:
odontophobia wrote:
418a wrote:Image

Tell me about the Pigtronix phaser.

I sold my Whetstone and I’m hella regretting it but now want to try some stuff before deciding if I’m going back.

The Whetstone Pad mode is slow dripping, like molasses.

i sold it last week, i wish i could get Wetstone, but its to expesive for me now.
ordered th Arion Stereo Phaser, its cheaper and sounds better than piggy and its smaller, i need a free space for the Y-box on my board
resumimng - piggy sucks

The EP-2, IME, is better used as an envelope filter than a phaser. For phase tones, I really like the Phase 90 and Maxon PT9.
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Re: Let's see your PEDAL BOARD... ILD Edition

Postby bloatedsack » Mon Oct 01, 2018 2:50 pm

On bass, I love my EP2. As a phaser, it runs nice and slow and thick, run it in a loop with it's own OD and then feed it back behind another OD or fuzz pedal. I just keep it in envelope/phaser mode, rather than phase only, but you can still toggle back adn forth between just envelope or env/phase with a foot switch.

Lots of little switches and shit, you can turn off the resonance when the phaser's engaged, or keep it on. Up or down sweep, the staccato mode is kinda clever but I don't really use it.

You can do an external trigger (for me, another clean signal goes into it for this) or whatever, drum machine or weird shit or run it through another pedal to trip the envelope (ie, trigger it from a delay or tremelo or something). There's expression inputs for the envelope to ape a wah, which unfortuantly shuts off the sensitivity control, and phase speed (never tried that).

I wanted a Small Stone and ended up with this. I'm pleased.

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Re: Let's see your PEDAL BOARD... ILD Edition

Postby 418a » Tue Oct 16, 2018 1:40 am

i replaced EP-2 for Malekko Omicron
for me it sounds better and it can sweep realy slow

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