Marauder Bass VI project

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Marauder Bass VI project

Postby FuzzHugger » Thu Nov 19, 2015 1:09 pm

Marauder Bass VI project

So close to being finished, but I don't have the time to finish it, and other projects have taken over.

Fender Marauder body (originally black, refinished nitro ReRanch Coral. Refinish looks good on the front, not as great on the back.)
Babicz FCH tremolo.

Custom Pickguardian pickguard.
3 Seymour Duncan custom lipstick pickups, hotter bridge, middle, and RWRP. 1 Guitar Fetish lipstick. (I planned for a switching config that'd allow for [single-coil-bridge], [humbucking bridge+neck], [single-coil-neck], [humbucking bridge+1st-middle], [humbucking-neck+2nd-middle] and the GF lipstick is RWRP in relation to the SD ones, so I thought it'd work well for this plan.)

DC Kunkle conversion neck (not Fender), with frets fret leveled, crowned, and polished. 1 5/8" at nut, 2 3/16th" at heel. One piece rock maple, single action truss rod.
24 frets (.110 wide, .053 tall), 14" radius Hard Maple fret board, 1/8th" nut slot, uninstalled bone nut pre-slotted. Fender vintage tuners installed, string trees included but not installed.

I've aged the pickups and and some of the metal hardware. (I'll include a new jack if you're not into the rusted nut on the jack.)
I did not age the Babicz, string trees, or the pickguard screws.

You'll need to do wiring, new switch included, will also include toggle switches, pots...


Sorry, but I don't want to part this out.

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Re: Marauder Bass VI project

Postby t0thesun » Mon Apr 03, 2017 9:55 pm

What's the scale length of the neck?

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Re: Marauder Bass VI project

Postby goroth » Tue Apr 04, 2017 12:26 pm

About 2 years and 28 inches.
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