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Savior Machine: Indie Rock Overdrive and Transparent Boost

Tue Apr 23, 2013 10:54 am

I just got a bunch of Savior machine PCBs in the other day marking the first official Shoe product to use PCB construction. This is also a new version of the Savior so I made a bunch of clips using my old bassman:

https://soundcloud.com/shoepedals2/sets ... hine-indie

The Savior Machine draws its name from the David Bowie song and can do that sort of Biritishy classic rock breakup. However, the idea behind it is to make an OD that caters less towards blues and more towards the kind of percussive and biting playing heard in a lot of Indie rock. The design is not IC-based and uses a selection of discrete FETs set up to be very responsive to pick attack/pickup change/and playing dynamics. I know the term amp-like is overused but the response here is quite similar to my Fusco amplifier's lower gain channel (an inspiration for the sound of this pedal).

On lower gain in the high headroom mode you have quite a nice transparent boost (which can be entirely clean until you hit the pedal with a really hot signal). This is useful for adding some nice compression and clarity to your signal.

On higher gain settings you end up with some raunchy kerranging overdrive with a very nice natural decay reminiscent of british amps (sits somewhere in the middle of vox/marshall/hiwatt depending on your bass settings on the 4-knob version).

The incoming bass control also allows you to get those percussive clear breakup sounds on sharp chords and leads and also gives teh ability to use the pedal much more effectively after reverbs and delays so you don't muddy up the low end so much.

Current known users: Deerhoof

4-Knob/1 Switch Version
Level, Gain, Headroom (switch), Treble, Bass, True Bypass
Price: $155

Simpler 3-Knob Version (can be made as either high or low headroom)
Level, Gain, Treble, True Bypass
Price: $135

Re: Savior Machine: Indie Rock Overdrive and Transparent Boo

Wed Apr 24, 2013 2:06 pm

This is truly interesting. Would love to get one.

Re: Savior Machine: Indie Rock Overdrive and Transparent Boo

Wed Apr 24, 2013 5:46 pm

Send me a pm :)

Re: Savior Machine: Indie Rock Overdrive and Transparent Boo

Wed Sep 17, 2014 12:44 pm

I have SM on my pedal board now. I purchased it several months ago and cannot stop playing it. What a great Boost/lo-med OD.
works great behind delay and reverb.

very taste little pedal,

The bass and treble tone controls are positioned pre and post boost.
Tip of the hat to Shoe Pedals
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