Coming Soon: Dropout Fuzz

Coming Soon: Dropout Fuzz

Postby V_____ » Sun Mar 31, 2013 11:36 pm

Ok, so I made something a bit weird. I call it a Dropout Fuzz. I'm not sure if there's another pedal like this around or not but i don't know of one offhand. Basically, it is designed to very briefly cut your signal upon being hit with a hard pick attack. This simulates that kind of bottoming out sound you often hear on things like loud concerts that are over-recorded but can also simulate severe sag and also produce stuttery kinds of sounds. It's sensitive (and short) enough that sweep picking will create kind of an echorec-like machine gun sound (especially if you run it into a delay). It's not a delay itself, of course.

This series of demo clips is from my prototype board and a booster I made for myself a while ago which I find works well as a preamp/sensitivity control portion as well as a tone control.

I have this configured now so that the dropout section feeds my interpretation of a 1970s Op amp Muff Fuzz (not the same as a big muff). This would be on a switch of course for when you are already going into a dirty amp or want a cleaner sound.

Controls on a full version would be:
Sensitivity, Boost Tone, Dropout On/Off Sw (if you just wanted to use a hopped up op amp muff fuzz sound or use the Boost Section as a nice clean boost with tone control), Fuzz On/Off Sw, Level, Bypass

Oh, delays here on a few clips are the Strymon Timeline to show in context of other effects. ... -prototype
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Re: Coming Soon: Dropout Fuzz

Postby Seizurema » Thu Oct 17, 2013 6:23 pm

Why do I need all of your fucking pedals? Sounds sweeet.

Plume and Savior Machine have been on the gas list for awhile..

Hey on Facebook you said you were recently tweaking up some bass specific mods to pedals. Could you do anything to the Plume or SM (or this mofo) to make it more bass-appropriate ?

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Re: Coming Soon: Dropout Fuzz

Postby Jero » Thu Oct 17, 2013 7:55 pm

The only pedal I can think of that did that bottomed out sag/cut kind of thing like that is the Walco Sustainer...and certain settings on the fuck! Strum hard and nothing...& then there's that bloom of nastiness.

The Dropout sounds like it will have a bit more to it :thumb:

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