Post your favourite CT5 settings immediately

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Re: Post your favourite CT5 settings immediately

Postby fuzzisokiguess » Thu Apr 13, 2017 6:56 am

LudicrouSpeed wrote:I'll start:

Sounds really good w/ max reverb going into the ct5, (would love a 2nd verb after it :p)...

Definitely encourage reverb after the Ct5. Ct5->bitquest set to Rev with fuzz. Mode1 w fdbk wound out, and all that addressing/aliasing/clicking/buffering/freq-above-hearing-range (whatever that sound is) that happens gets smeared by the reverb into a really nice haze that layers super nicely. Adjust wet/dry of both Ct5 and bitquest for variations. (I'm assuming this would work with other reverb pedals too).
DRodriguez wrote:Imma build a disc delay based on a stationary bike, the faster you pedal, the faster the delay.

Bike backwards and you get a reverse delay.

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