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Postby Glitches&switches » Mon Mar 11, 2019 1:03 pm

Cortex wrote:
tremulant wrote:
Cortex wrote:
That is why I made this little thingy for it - ... sp=sharing

What in the actual fuck. Can you make a video of that thing in action?

I will soon, yes. This is perhaps a better picture - ... 6462_o.jpg
It looks way smarter than it is, I've combined a 2 channel mixing circuit that has low pass and high pass filters on it with the expression pedal funcionality for the CT5. So, the CT5 is mixed with the clean signal here and I am having the mix control on the CT5 to a 100% wet. The Send A Kill switch kills the send portion of the signal to the A channel (CT5) so essentially by doing that it will trail off naturally. The 3 upper pots are expression pedal settings, and they all do the same thing, like 3 presets if you will, so I can go from standard delay to reverse octave to forward 5th up all by standing up and playing with the band. Obviously this is just an example, I basically have 3 exp presets to use with whatever is selected as controlled by the exp pedal on the CT5. The middle switch on the controller takes me back to the home exp preset regardless of what is selected on the low/high exp switch (that switch toggles between two exp presets right).
I'll try to get a demo up soon. Nothing mega smart in this of course, but it's very handy and, at least for me, it has enabled me to use it as a standard delay with tails and also be able to quickly fuck up the pitch of the repeats for very pronounced pitch jumps and whatnot - it definitely makes heads turn. I like to have the feedback very high and just leave it trailing off and while it's trailing off I then press the footswitches and change the pitch.

Such a brilliant idea, I want one of these! Sometimes there is a need to control the chaos and tame the beast!

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