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Re: Count To Five

Postby blackjaw » Fri May 01, 2020 1:57 am

oldangelmidnight wrote:I'd be into adding some random to Nightly mode 2. I like how arhythmic it is and I'd love to make it more so.

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Re: Count To Five

Postby Tall Walls » Fri May 01, 2020 8:20 am

I think the parameter I'd like to randomize in mode 2 would be the number of repeats, though it would be good to be able to set a range if you don't want the sound dominated by 16-repeat stutters.

Right now my favorite setting in Mode 2 is two shortish stutters with 4-6 repeats and one long stutter, 2-3 repeats, with its volume turned down to maybe 60%. Mix to taste.

Mode 3 became more tractable once I applied some quantization. I like having heads 2 and 3 unmodulated at 1-3 seconds and head 1 set at 7 seconds with whatever amount of modulation. I'd like slower LFO speeds in Mode 3 to be possible.
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Re: Count To Five

Postby cosmicevan » Sun May 03, 2020 9:02 pm

I'd buy a 5th anniversary Count to 5. W 2 versions of the pedal out there, it's the ONLY solution.
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