The Classic Line is Available Now!

The Classic Line is Available Now!

Postby Noise... » Mon May 27, 2013 4:03 pm

The Classic Line of pedals reintroduces some of the older Noisemaker Effects pedals that many people still love. I've gotten lots of requests for them, so these models are back, making up the Classic Line.

Oh - and did I mention they're all available for their original prices? It's not often you can grab a handmade, boutique pedal for $50! :!!!:

Reintroduced with the Classic Line:

-A-OK Boost
-Crush Fuzz
-Dead Hipster
-Donner Party
-Infinity Loop
-Li'l Bastard
-Mother Russia
-Noise Invaders

You can check out and order the Classic Line Pedals now on Expect them back with Noisemaker Effects dealers in the near future as well!
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