The Custom Shop

The Custom Shop

Postby Noise... » Fri Sep 14, 2012 12:22 pm

The Custom Shop is something unique to Noisemaker Effects. Everyone has ideas for pedals, designs, or just cool artwork they want slapped on a pedal. That's what the Custom Shop is for - to let you get exactly what you want, and without selling a kidney to do it.

This thread will feature cool custom builds, as well as one-offs made for the Custom Shop!

One Offs

Now, I think most builders will tell you the same thing. We occasionally get an idea for something and on a whim we build it. Noisemaker Effects is no different, and my personal pedalboard is only so big. So when I make something cool, I make it as a one of a kind Noisemaker Effects pedal. The bottom plate is labeled to reflect that, and they come in fancy-schmancy Custom Shop boxes. As surprising as it is, the pedals are always cooler than the boxes. When One-Offs are available, they're posted for sale in the Custom Shop section of the Noisemaker Effects site. You can get there by clicking HERE.


Coming soon. This one is going to be a lot of fun. :omg:

Rebellion Trio

This set was designed as a one-off - three mini pedals to be used as a set, and to cover everything from low gain overdrive with some vintage, NOS germanium diodes, to heavy, thick fuzz with a modified 3.14 circuit in the Ender. This set is happily off to a new home now, but it was a fun, one of a kind build.


Custom Builds

These are builds commissioned by customers who had ideas that they wanted turned into pedals. From double pedals, to feedback loops, to octave fuzzes, to specialized circuits. Even modulation and delays are now an option! More will be added here as I have time to get pictures sorted and the site updated. :lol:

Want a custom pedal of your own? PM me here, or contact me via for a quote. Most custom builds come in at $100-$200 USD and take about two weeks to ship.

Vault 101

Tony of the band Electors wanted something special - a dual pedal with a master bypass that would play nice with both his guitar and bass. The Vault 101 was the result. The first circuit is a versatile overdrive with a huge gain range and a custom tone circuit. The second circuit is a thick, LED based fuzz - again with a custom tone stack for use with both guitar and bass, along with a nice gain range and a pile of volume on tap. Check out Electors and you'll hear it!

Noisemaker Effects

Hand-Made Effects starting at less than $50!


Noisemaker Effects
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