Building myself some cabs.

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Building myself some cabs.

Postby diocide » Sun Feb 18, 2018 10:51 am

My OCD finally got the best of me and I decided to build myself a pair of matching cabs.

The plan is to sell off my Mesa and Orange cabs once these are done.

Going with a natural finish (no tolex), black and blonde grill cloth and black hardware.

Speakers will be X patterned. Two for sure will be my Weber Blue Dogs, with hemp cones and pre Rola doping. These are super bass heavy, so Im Going to experiment with what I mix them with.

First couple steps.

Had my buddy Keith from Gravity Cabs finger joint me some 3/4 birch ply.

I glued it up and sanded down the corners a bit.

I then attached a piece of 1x2 Maple as a front nose piece. I glued and screwed it for now, which will be replaced with dowels later on.




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Re: Building myself some cabs.

Postby Muff_Diver » Tue Feb 20, 2018 4:32 pm

Nice work!

Just a tip, next time, try using pocket screws for the front piece. Youll be able to get those corners really tight before mounting (like a picture frame), and all the mounting screws will be hidden, giving you a much cleaner look.

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