Can someone school me on Lace Alumitone pickups?

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Re: Can someone school me on Lace Alumitone pickups?

Postby benjuro » Sun Jan 14, 2018 7:23 am

oscillofuzz wrote:Ultimately I have decided after discussing with Gabo from Nude to go with Bare Knuckle P90's in neck and bridge and humbucker in the middle position on my to-be-built Nude 30" baritone, as he frequently uses Bare Knuckle pickups in his guitars and is very satisfied with them.

I am also in talks with Anthony from Harvester and we are both curious about going with an Alumitone and a Curtis Novak Goldfoil, just haven't decided on the placement yet...

I have a set of BKP P90s in one of my downtuned guitars, Stockholm in the bridge and Supermassive in the neck. Best pickups I've ever owned by far, you will not be disappointed.
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Re: Can someone school me on Lace Alumitone pickups?

Postby bennroe » Mon May 21, 2018 7:36 pm

I figured I'd revive this thread as part of my never-ending quest to pick the right pickups for my first partscaster. Are the alumitone single-coils and humbuckers effectively the same thing? Just different sizes? Are the alumitone "P90s" different? I'm just confused because they all seem like they're made pretty much the same way. I grant that there could be subtle differences that might account for different tones, but are there? I'm not sure what the point of the P90s if they're not somehow voiced differently, since they're presumably the same size as the buckers. I'll probably have more questions soon, and--like this one--they'll probably be questions I should just email Lace about.
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Re: Can someone school me on Lace Alumitone pickups?

Postby repoman » Sun May 27, 2018 4:43 pm


I just put this baritone together with Alumitones
I kind of expected them to sound like Filtertrons, but to me they sound really similar to Jazzmaster pickups (surprisingly). I thought it would be cool to have something really different for pickups in this, HA!

I kinda wanna say they seem more single coil than humbucker in nature. A little clearer, really even EQ, less of that slow attack/bloom JM pickups give you but still pretty similar, it says they are like 3.4k so extremely low output, although I think there is something different about how they work so that doesn't really translate like how normal pickups are measured? I don't perceive them as zingy and high end/hi-fi ish like Filtertrons at all. They sound really different than my expectations. Maybe my perception is messed up with them being on a baritone with flat wounds though? They sound really nice, but at the same time kind of characterless, not in a bad way, its just I can pretty easily see what people are talking about how they describe the sound of a P90, or hot humbucker, or low output humbucker or telecaster bridge pickup, or filtertron, its really hard to perceive any unique qualities with these. :idk:
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