Can someone school me on Lace Alumitone pickups?

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Re: Can someone school me on Lace Alumitone pickups?

Postby benjuro » Sun Jan 14, 2018 7:23 am

oscillofuzz wrote:Ultimately I have decided after discussing with Gabo from Nude to go with Bare Knuckle P90's in neck and bridge and humbucker in the middle position on my to-be-built Nude 30" baritone, as he frequently uses Bare Knuckle pickups in his guitars and is very satisfied with them.

I am also in talks with Anthony from Harvester and we are both curious about going with an Alumitone and a Curtis Novak Goldfoil, just haven't decided on the placement yet...

I have a set of BKP P90s in one of my downtuned guitars, Stockholm in the bridge and Supermassive in the neck. Best pickups I've ever owned by far, you will not be disappointed.
Special low-frequency version.

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