Brand new TAFM demo by East Stomp Boutique!

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Brand new TAFM demo by East Stomp Boutique!

Postby DarkAxel » Tue Jun 28, 2016 12:32 pm

I must come off as a bit of a fanboi but holy shit, I just seem to absolutely love every single Smallsound/Bigsound pedal there is. TAFM is another absolutely sick pedal, love the blend on it, love it for heavier or softer sounds, all around really well designed pedal. Expected not to like it as much on guitar and oh boy were I wrong!

we still have two in that sick custom limited finish you can see in this video - raw, acid dipped metal with a think lacquer layer on it and stencil lettering. Find them here ... achine/106

I make pedal demos as East Stomp Boutique -

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