Cheap Chinese Laser Engravers are Fun

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Re: Cheap Chinese Laser Engravers are Fun

Postby jwar » Tue Sep 05, 2017 8:31 pm

crochambeau wrote:
multi_s wrote:here is some low wattage fun maybe you will be into cro-my-beau (scroll down to rusty whale) man (anti?)rusting the the control labelling. that would look hawt. just saying. ... er-cutter/

here is what you really need though:

I think the reaction I'm looking for is...


jwar wrote:The laser beam does get hot enough and it works fan-fucking-tastic with steel. No doubt about it. However, when annealing steel, which would be close to the same settings as cutting, it causes the opposite side of the steel to oxidize. I'm assuming it's some sort of chemical reaction to the beam, but I've never figured out exactly why. Instant rust and bad, bad, bad.

Oh, hey jwar, I promise I'm not stealing your lines. I just, borrowed it for one second.. see, no scratches or nothing..

While on the surface instant rust sounds like my bag, I agree that it has no place in cutting. Were you introducing any gas?

Realistically, labeling controls through rust would get more of a workout than actual cutting.. at least until I fall in love with square holes. Sort of brings my interest in line with the original Eleksmaker A5 post.

No gases introduced. Just oxygen after the lasering process.

So what I'm assuming is occurring is that while the laser is creating exothermic conditions (which would be annealing or cutting), the steel gets super heated to the point of causing a reaction when introduced to oxygen. So perhaps, and this is just a theory, the rust like conditions only occur when the steel cools too fast or is introduced to oxygen. With the machine I had, it was air tight, so that would explain the rapid interaction.

Again, I'm just guessing here based on my knowledge base.
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Re: Cheap Chinese Laser Engravers are Fun

Postby culturejam » Sun Sep 17, 2017 10:44 am

Madbean said to me the other day: "Hey, I wonder if plastic knobs can be etched?" So I had to try it. It works, but you really need a larger, flatter knob for it to be useable for anything beyond just a single letter.

The main problem is that while it looks cool when finished, the "black" in the letters is basically plastic soot, so it smudges when you touch it and will eventually wear out/off. So on suggestion of some other DIY guys, I cleaned out the soot and inked the letters with black acrylic paint. Worked very well and was easy to apply and clean up. I'm going to do another wipe down to get last bits of acrylic off the top, but it looks good as is until you really look at it close (ie - while using a pedal, you'd never bend down and put your eyeball right on top of the knobs).

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