Rode iXY into not i XY mic

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Rode iXY into not i XY mic

Postby controlFreak » Sun Mar 12, 2017 7:37 pm


So no more iPhone and now want to reuse the capsules.

build onto/into 1590 w stereo preamp and two 1/4" outs and one TRS out. I guess powered off 9v.

Leaning towards two Class A jfets, one per side. super simple low parts count. Maybe regulate voltage down to 5v for phantom power? I don't think the iphone was supplying these with 48v.

Not really sure how to wire up the mic capsules though, guessing red is hot, white is whatevs signal and green is ground :idk:

Something like on the right is what I imagine is going on:

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Re: Rode iXY into not i XY mic

Postby crochambeau » Sun Mar 12, 2017 9:18 pm

A lot of electret capsules will power off of 5 volts and under. I seem to recall seeing datasheets for parts (not necessarily these ones) that stated 5 volts DC as a maximum value, so yeah, I wouldn't sweat 48 volts. Feed them low for starts, then if you keep hitting a headroom/distortion issue nudge it up a bit.

Failsafe would be to dig into an actual part number but OEM stuff often skirts that. Have fun!
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