My Modded Uglyface doesn't work :(

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My Modded Uglyface doesn't work :(

Postby veteransdaypoppy » Wed Apr 08, 2009 9:20 pm

So, I built this a while ago
and it worked! :yay:

It was my first pedal diy project and since I was so nervous about doing a bunch of soldering in a little enclosure, I did it all in a cookie tin. I drilled the holes and soldered the whole thing and actually suspended the perfboard in mid-air with my jedi mind trick (screws with spacers cut from a pen.) I plugged it in and I got it to work after a bit of troubleshooting.

But what I noticed is that all of the knobs except for the Mix and the Volume knob have little to no effect on the sound of the pedal. I'm using a crappy DPDT stomp switch that actually broke (I think), since it doesn't actually turn on and off like it used to, it only stops the effect if I hold the switch down. However, the fuckt switch isn't really what's bothering me. I could always just rewire the switch but I'd rather get the knobs to work. Is it possible that I fried them by holding the soldering iron on them too long, or is something in the modified schematic screwing it up? I don't think it's shorting out, because if it was, there would be no sound at all, right?
Any help would be very appreciated :)
well i guess, but i just don't know.


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Re: My Modded Uglyface doesn't work :(

Postby Scruffie » Sun Jun 07, 2009 10:46 pm

Hey there, if your still having issues with this project...

That schematic is fine, by the legendary Tim Escobedo,

Did you do the perf layout yourself? First things first it could be an error in your layout as to why there not working quite work... are the caps on them orientated correctly? Cause the volume knob should be working fine as it simply controls the output...

It is possible to damage a pot with a soldering iron, but not that easy... are you sure your solder joints are okay? If you used lead solder (unleaded solder it's not quite as obvious but should be visible) the joint should be nice and shiny & not dull, bubbly or murky.

Second, as for the switch unless your using a momentary switch by mistake... yea it's broken.

Pictures are always useful to help debug a build if you can get some up...

A good place to go for debugging is here ... =Debugging

Hope this helps,

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