Unpopular album opinions

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Re: Unpopular album opinions

Postby $harkToootth » Fri Aug 11, 2017 7:45 pm

^^^So true! My buddy swears by his modded DS-1. I think he removes the clipping diodes? He plays through tube and solid state live I believe? 'Bleach' was a huge influence on him. When we lived together we used to blast that album and eat pizza off the floor. Being 19 and poor was AWESOME!

Side note, isn't it such a fluke that an album like 'Nevermind' got so popular when it did? I listen to things that people were into at the time and it is truly a wonder of how such a mainstream paradigm shift occurred. Am I crazy?

This opinion may be "unpopular" only because most people don't know this band (please keep in mind ILFers are not the average person when it comes to musical tastes/consumption). I greatly prefer THE UNITS 'Digital Stimulation' over anything DEVO did (and I love DEVO!). And I strongly prefer THE UNITS early masterings of the singles and EPs that made it on 'Digital Stimulation'. I don't think their stuff was available in the youtube space for a while (the video I linked was uploaded in 2015). I remember hearing the early singles on old punk compilation tapes but could never find their material. I was slightly disappointed when I found 'Digital Stimulation' cause it sort of sands down the rough around the edges tracks. Still one of my favorites.

Favorite version of "Warm Moving Bodies".

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Re: Unpopular album opinions

Postby Iommic Pope » Sat Aug 12, 2017 1:01 am

DS1 was my first pedal.
Fucking loved it.
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Re: Unpopular album opinions

Postby More_Divebombs » Sat Aug 19, 2017 8:23 pm

Jesu is better than Godflesh.

Streetcleaner is a seminal album. A certified classic of industrial and extreme metal. Jesu don't really have a seminal album.

But Jesu are just, like, better.

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