Fuzz that sound good/huge through loud amps

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Re: Fuzz that sound good/huge through loud amps

Postby qersty » Sun Jul 28, 2019 4:59 am

The concept you should use when fuzzing 100 watt plus amps is having the fuzz always be the loudest thing, which is easy with 100 watts of headroom. You need to get any dirt from elsewhere than your amp's power tubes though: Amp in a box distortion pedal, 2nd amp channel, rackmount pre. You set your amp loud as fuck and clean and then dime your fuzz unit so you get a ridiculously loud fuzz sound. Then you get your regular distortion unit and set it to a sound you like but have the volume be below unity; This way when you kick off the distortion and kick on the fuzz it is gonna be as if you are boosting your fuzz but in fact you are doing the opposite. Keeps things simple since you don't need to mess about with boosts and eq pedals.

It is kind of a bummer you don't get to use the distortion of a 100 watt in heat but volume is very manageable. Another plus is that since your amp is pure volume you can have a lot of flavours of distortions. I stole the concept from J Mascis and it seems to have worked for him for many years
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