The Annual OMG I Never Post About Gear ILFSS2017 Thread

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The Annual OMG I Never Post About Gear ILFSS2017 Thread

Postby D.o.S. » Sat Sep 30, 2017 5:55 pm

Rather than being sneaky about it, you should post your not-so-subtle hints about your tastes in gear, guns, goblins, and gear in this thread?

Or you can just post sneaky things.

NSFW: show
for easy reference:

good deals are here.
escapecraft is here.
UglyCasanova wrote:
Ugly Nora wrote:People are starting to realize that a large amount of pedals wont make up for a small amount of talent and instead have started focusing on fundamentals like playing in tune.

He said, randomly hitting pots and pans into a looper and a delay.

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Re: The Annual OMG I Never Post About Gear ILFSS2017 Thread

Postby Chankgeez » Sat Sep 30, 2017 6:02 pm

"You can't copyright circuits really." - Ed Sanner …………….0.............
"The effects market was really nothing more than a bunch of beggars and theives, all building off one another's work." - Dan Armstrong…...........................…
Sweet dealin's: here
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Re: The Annual OMG I Never Post About Gear ILFSS2017 Thread

Postby Jwar » Sat Sep 30, 2017 6:27 pm

I mean, I don't think this applies to me because I write MY BONER on literally everything you know. ;)

What would be something I'd love to have is something unorthodox. Not necessarily in sound, but just in general. I pretty much have all the fucking pedals I need plus some. So, man...this is hard for me now. I'm such a whore. I love ILF brands. I'm digging stuff that changes the sound of other pedals. If you get what I'm saying??? I guess if I had to pick something, I'd love a weird filter. OH! Yea I almost forgot! LOL! I'm looking for a good looper. Not a bypass looper. God fuck those things.

I like metal (except dejent (well I love Meshuggah but that's it) and death metal), rock, jazz (not a ton but I can dig it), classical music (love orchestra stuff), dj music (ie DJ Shadow, Kid Koala, DJ Spooky, The Chemical Brothers...etc), love the 90's, hip hop, gagster rap (old shit, hate the new shit)...etc.

I wear a Large size t-shirt.

I love horror themed things. Movies, collectibles, games...whatever. Horror stuff is my life.

I'm a book worm, but mostly like fucked up gory shit. I can also get down with some gothic style stuff or a good detective novel. I mean, I read other stuff too, but just not as much.

I'm still not a huge candy person but I like chocolate and peanut butter. That's my favorite combo. Well, I also love toffee. That shit is the bomb yo. YO!

Uhhhhh what else. I like nudes. Especially of you. Whoever you are. ;)

Yea...that uhh...about covers it.
"I do not have the ability to think rationally 90% of the time and I also change my mind at the drop of a hat".

-JWAR :)

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Re: The Annual OMG I Never Post About Gear ILFSS2017 Thread

Postby rustywire » Sun Oct 01, 2017 1:56 pm

Gib munny :excellent:

Shirt size-M (L if the shirts run small) generally prefer bold or dark colors: navy blue, wine, mustard brown and obv black.
Not picky about pedal recs...but no drive/pre amp/eq, compressors or octave pedals. They're already well covered & then some; ty but no ty.
See sig for shortlist wants, they've mostly remained the same for the past 2 years [oof]

8/16/32 bit retro gaming was my first jam, I'm mostly looking for non-refurb originals/player-grade-but-clean stuff, however collectible and complete stuff is also cool if you can score a deal. I've been infrequently/passively looking for both PS: Castlevania SOTN & Chrono Cross to finally play through/complete. Esp now that I've got my rgb monitor set up.

I like hot sauce but prefer flavor over fire. My fav *spicy* peppers are jalapenos.
I like food with simple, pronounceable ingredients (sans hfcs/variants). If you've got local fare/farmer market type canning or other manner of preserve offerings see what can ship [fresh farm garlic will make you a legend]. Savory over sweet as a general rule. Variety is the spice of life...and I enjoy a variety of spice.

Edit: Almost forgot! Please do not buy me anything at/from walmart
Edit#2: Can play music formats of many types excluding 78rpm records, wax cylinders, 8 track tape. Favorites are vinyl & cassettes.
I forgot handsome socks are popular around here. If you go that route, my feet are US11s.
Also- just because I'm prone to splurge in giving doesn't mean I expect, nor should my own ILFSS feel obligated to do so for me. Last year I spent too much time overthinking things and wound up going way overboard. Times can get tight without warning, life happens etc. Dont go into debt, either. Have fun with it, I'll prob wind up loving w/e I get if YOU (my ILFSS) catch dem vibes.
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[B/S/T shoutouts] Shortlist: Hollow Earth|Ct5|856|Condor|Thermae|OP-1|half track reel2reel|Prophet6 ... :whoa:
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Re: The Annual OMG I Never Post About Gear ILFSS2017 Thread

Postby raj007 » Sun Oct 01, 2017 2:39 pm

Pedals: Always up for trying new dirt. Avoid Boss (hate how they look). Ring Mod is bad.

Music: No longer have a record player, but I can play CD's and Tapes. Like a lot of genres so I'm open to just about anything Santa thinks is cool.

Food: Hot Sauce (Habanero hottest I usually go), candy (no toffee) , Olive Oils, Nuts. Something specific to your region, local, NEAT.

XXL shirt size. Size 12 shoe. Size S dong

I just got an OP-1 wouldn't mind pairing a Pocket Operator with it :) ...or something Bastl.

Fun guitar picks (I use .60 or .73)

I use Curt Mangan 10's ...but if you have a brand of choice, happy to try em!

Love comics....have a favorite series? Try me.
-Sean Murphy my fav comic artist. Jeff Lemire my fav writer

If you could grant me a day with Alessandro Cortini that'd be cool.

I have a PS4

I like Philosophy books

I like you!
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Re: The Annual OMG I Never Post About Gear ILFSS2017 Thread

Postby goroth » Sun Oct 01, 2017 3:35 pm

I will endeavor to post more such that my participation in this thread is not necessary.
Dandolin wrote:Good thing greedyguts doesn't know my bank card cvv # or PayPal password....

Debut album droppedJan 5. Fuck yeah.
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Re: The Annual OMG I Never Post About Gear ILFSS2017 Thread

Postby lordgalvar » Sun Oct 01, 2017 4:18 pm

Long walks on the beach.
-Ring Mods!
"I make you chocolate"
    -comesect69-via-Majin Buu-by-way-of-Dirge/mtl.asm and special consideration from CA Anderton

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Re: The Annual OMG I Never Post About Gear ILFSS2017 Thread

Postby BetterOffShred » Sun Oct 01, 2017 5:14 pm

I'm getting an Ibanez Rg852 to accompany the other 3 Ibanez I have.. and I got a boneshaker ..

I'd love a full compliment of new tubes for my Mesa. 6x6L6 and 5x12AX7 is a lot of tubes. Maybe I'll try some 6550s

I want an OBNE Dark Star ..

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Re: The Annual OMG I Never Post About Gear ILFSS2017 Thread

Postby UglyCasanova » Sun Oct 01, 2017 6:25 pm

Music: Local bands and artist would be neat! Your music!? I prefer tapes or vinyl, but I can play anything.

Clothing: I need socks! I'm a size 10. I own too many t-shirts.

Snacks: I'm not picky, but I'm a soyboy (vegetarian). Sour or salty > sweet.

Gear: Whatever you think is cool. Bass-friendly pedals are welcome, but again; this is your game. :zen:

preferred stalking level: comesect2.0

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Re: The Annual OMG I Never Post About Gear ILFSS2017 Thread

Postby jrfox92 » Sun Oct 01, 2017 7:24 pm

Last year's is still pretty accurate:
jrfox92 wrote:I eat veggies.
If you send me candy there's a high probability that whatever it is, it will be eaten in less than an hour.
I like weird spices and hot sauce.
No allergies but I tend to avoid anything fermented (except for a nice aged cheese and apple cider).
I like gigantic (XXL+) shirts and big (XL) jackets/hoodies/sweaters.
Vinyl is preferred but anything will be loved (unless it's Top Pops, if you send me a Justin Bieber album you're getting subscribed to a dildo-a-month club).
Concerning pedals, as long as it works and doesn't instantly blow my amp up, I'm happy.

Although +1 on socks.
I need socks.
Since I always forget:

Inconuucl wrote:You can't kill Strymon, it'll just resurrect 3 days later.

BitchPudding wrote:Despite all my rage, I am still just eating tacos in a cage.

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Re: The Annual OMG I Never Post About Gear ILFSS2017 Thread

Postby baremountain » Mon Oct 02, 2017 4:49 pm

I am into whatever pedal-wise. I've never had a reverb I liked enough to keep it? Wouldn't be opposed to changing that, but I also don't see it being quick to change. LFO-locked modulation also kinda drives me crazy because it is always out of sync with what goes around it. PLLs, delays, weird pitchies, stepped/random modulation, & filters are always cool. Builder crushes: Dwarfcraft, ss/bs, mtl assembly, Cooper, Industrialectric, Fairfield & been jonesing to try Lightning Wave, Rouchambeau, or Drolo. Adventure are some tight homies that aren't on ILF. Pretty much open to anything.
CV connectivity is where my brain's at now. Just started a modular so if I get paired with a modular person as my SS I could use pretty much any kind of module (though I'm a big fan of Make Noise, and interested in Intellijel/Mutable).

I have so many freakin' shirts. I print shirts. If you wanna give me shirts anyways, I'm an M. I'm always down for a dope tie dye shirt that I can cut into a tank top. I don't like premade tank tops because the hem is always shitty. I like colorful clothes, floral prints, and big flowy overshirts/blouses I guess size L/XL+ for those? Socks are also tight, I don't have enough graphic socks. I got medium size boy feets.

I can play anything, but vinyl & tape are what I mainly bump. Bandcamp downloads are also fuckin' rad, because I use bandcamp as my primary streaming service.
I like dreamy stuff, pop (not like radio pop but like weirdo pop), indie rock, folk/freak folk, and real into rap & hip hop (mainly more underground stuff like Open Mike Eagle, Busdriver, early Why?, Milo, Zeroh, Elucid, Billy Woods, etc - 90s hip hop is gr8 too). I can and will bump the shit outta your friends' band though.

NO MEATZ, NO DAIRY, NO ANIMAL PRODUCTS PLS. (all caps bc it's the only important thing i am saying here). I like spicy, salty, savory, sour, sweet, bitter in that order. I am very into the spice.

uhmmm other media interests include books (trying to read books by not-white-dudes for a minute because I realized like 98+% of the books I've ever read have been written by white dudes & all perspectives are created equal blah blah but I'm not a stickler abt this) so if you're into some lit stuff gimme something good to read. Length doesn't deter me (I finished Infinite Jest) but it's gotta be not too dry if I'm gonna sink 2 months into reading it.

I smoke a lot of weed - edibles are hella cool too ;) use this at ur own risk :lol:

synths weed veggies music socks books i think that's everything about me????
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I make t-shirts, patches, koozies, buttons, CDs, sometimes tapes, and eventually i'll start working on pedals again. DM me for pricing!

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Re: The Annual OMG I Never Post About Gear ILFSS2017 Thread

Postby vidret » Mon Oct 02, 2017 8:27 pm

although i don't need it, earthbound audio or whatever it's called these days make stuff that I've always wanted to try.

iron pig, supercollider or that new hm-2 (I mostly want to simply TRY the supercollider though, i've got a pharaoh and LSTR here to give me stoner muff toanz til the end of time).

i've probably ranted about eurorack modules somewhere else.

small, instantly playable synthesizers are always cool. kitchen synths, as i call them.

I feel like I've got pedals covered, honestly. There are lots of things I want to try but it'd be hard to push something off of the board right now.

what could top the dirt combo of pretty years + elements? or the weird combo of bitquest+ct5? I dunno man/lady.
Something straight up weird, perhaps. tabletop synth box or something (already got maximal drone, go WEIRDER!).

vinyls that aren't yet in my collection:
sleep - dopesmoker (repress looks gooooood)
pantera - far beyond driven (BLUE vinyl cover! not the ugly one)
conan - horseback battle hammer (kind of unicorn status)
cough - sigillum (unicorn status for me)
melvins - stoner witch (unicorn status)
witch - self-titled (unicorn)

unicorn status are usually unicorns because someone's selling in the US unwilling to ship here, or I'm just too lazy to make the effort to keep an eye out. There's others I still *need* to get to finish my collection but they're nothing but a click and 30$ away.

i'll try posting somewhere other than the modular thread before christmas.

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Re: The Annual OMG I Never Post About Gear ILFSS2017 Thread

Postby vidret » Mon Oct 02, 2017 8:29 pm

oh and yeah duh, weed, but don't get my satan gift raped by the customs people for nothing (edibles though, yes. yes, i could do that.)

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Re: The Annual OMG I Never Post About Gear ILFSS2017 Thread

Postby AZX309 » Mon Oct 02, 2017 9:22 pm

hopefully I can get someone to vouch for me this year.

Pedals: all fuzz is good fuzz. could go for a ring mod but anything is good.
Music: Im limited to cds and downloads. anything Warp records is good. your music is better.
clothing: medium shirt. something long sleeve or anything warm. Its 80% winter where i live unless its a weird off year like this one.
food: no nuts, im not allergic but people i live with are. candy is cool.

i use thick stings and thicker picks (1mm+)
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Re: The Annual OMG I Never Post About Gear ILFSS2017 Thread

Postby BetterOffShred » Mon Oct 02, 2017 10:45 pm

Oh this is a real thing? I was just saying shit I wanted :no:
My bad. I probably sounded all ass-holey.. sorry

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